Orange County RVs

Good news for Orange County RV owners. Here at Orange County Lemon, we specialize in prosecuting Orange County lemon RV cases. We pride our practice on resolving lemon law disputes between California consumers and RV manufacturers such as Fleetwood, Coachmen, Newmar Corporation, Alfa Leisure, Four Winds, Monaco, Jayco, National RV, Rexhall Industries, Winnebago, Skyline Corporation, Thor America, Inc., Travel Supreme, and Weekend Warrior, and others.

Here at Orange County Lemon, we recognizes the important differences between prosecuting a typical lemon car, truck or SUV case as opposed to the higher stakes lemon RV lawsuit. The attorneys at Orange County Lemon know the defendant RV manufacturers’ attorneys’ defense strategies, and how recent changes in the California Lemon Law affect your Orange County lemon law case. Using this knowledge and experience, we are prepared to oppose any argument, and compromise any Lemon RV defense.

We understand that most Orange County lemon RV cases come with a laundry list of problems straight from the factory. We understand that it can be very difficult just setting up an appointment to have your lemon RV looked at; and that often times the dealers’ attempts to repair only compound your problems, or create new issues. We know how certain repair facilities can work on a lemon RV for months at a time, after which you discover that repairs to your lemon RV were either ineffective or not even attempted. And after these issues are forwarded directly to the unsympathetic lemon RV manufacturer, your problems remain unresolved. We know.

Managing attorney, Lawrence J. Hutchens, has a 20 year history of successfully litigating lemon RV cases, and has established himself as a leading consumer advocate for lemon RV owners in California. Michael S. Humphries has tried countless lemon RV cases and was awarded over $685,000 in Los Angeles Superior Court against Newmar Corporation that included a $392,456.14 Civil Penalty.

Our lemon RV expert, F.J. McNab has been working in the industry for over forty years, and will inspect your lemon RV and provide expert testimony based upon his findings. Expert testimony is a critical component of most lemon RV lawsuits; and Mr. McNab has proven to be a valued member of our team. Mr. McNab’s fees, as well as our Attorneys’ Fees will ultimately be paid for by the law violating defendant manufacturer or dealership.

The Litigation Process is more involved and often takes longer than a typical automobile lemon law case to resolve. Due to the amount of money required to Repurchase a lemon RV, defendant manufacturers take special care to fully investigate all the facts before making a determination whether or not to replace or repurchase a lemon RV, so expect to have your deposition taken and your coach inspected.

The best thing an Orange County lemon RV owner can do is contact our lemon law office for a FREE CONSULTAITON at 1.877.87.LEMON or 1.877.875.3666. An experienced Orange County lemon law attorney will examine your particular case, and help to guide you through the process, putting the Orange County lemon RV owner in a position acheive a lemon RV buy-back or lemon RV replacement.