Lemon Law Buy-Back

When we get involved helping Orange County consumers, our primary goal is to obtain a Lemon Law Buy-Back, also known as a Lemon Law Repurchase. We provide free advice to all Orange County consumers. We do not charge for our advice or our services. We will direct you to take the appropriate steps so that you are in the best position to obtain a Lemon Law Buy-Back. It is not uncommon for us to guide a potential client through a repurchase without ever being retained. What would a Lemon Law Buy-Back mean to you?

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OC Lemon Law Results

Experience matters, and we have been practicing California Lemon Law exclusively for the past 14 years. We are proud of our winning history. Please Click Here to view a list of winning cases on our Orange County Lemon Law Results page.

We don’t want to sound overconfident, but we are good at what we do. We want our clients to feel at ease when they retain our services. It is important to trust that your attorney can get the job done right. When we get involved, we take the burden from the consumer, and we shoulder it until the matter is resolved.

Our considerable experience helps us to better guide Orange County consumers through the lemon law litigation process.

100% Free Lemon Help

Unlike many other lemon law offices, we do not ask our clients to pay our attorneys fees. We do not ask our clients for any up-front money to cover our costs. We do not require our clients to pay for expert services or consultations. And we do not take a percentage of our client’s repurchase money.

You may be wondering how we can offer so much...... for nothing? It is because we know the California Lemon Law, and we have the resources to lift some of the burden from the shoulders of our clients. Don't pay some other attorney to do what we offer at no cost. How do we get paid? If we obtain a repurchase, our fees and costs will be paid for by the law violating defendant.

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